First came desktops, later joined by laptops. Now there are netbooks, tablets, PDAs and smartphones. Most mobile devices are loaded with powerful computing power, allowing them to run multiple applications and connect to the Internet with ease. Let's not forget mobile storage, including SD cards, flash drives and external hard drives. Mobile storage is proliferating and the amount of data it can hold is increasing. Employees want to access corporate networks with personal devices. Senior management demands anytime, everywhere instant connectivity.

Controlling your digital world is no longer just about hardening your network. Now you must be concerned about your data going mobile and your network being compromised in new ways. Misplaced USB drives, stolen smartphones, laptops connected inappropriately – the opportunities for data theft are increasing. Employees text while driving company vehicles. They let their children use company provided laptops. Dropping corporate issued handsets down the toilet is a common occurrence.

Somehow an organization must cope with the new reality of mobile IT. GNS is there for you with mobility solutions that enable and yet manage mobile devices, the data they access and the data they create. We can advise you on the benefits and threats of going mobile and help you control those risks, so that your organization can take advantage of mobile IT with safety a priority.