Information Security
Beyond the Box

Lots of companies will sell you network security in a box. You'll buy box after box, hoping to find the magic security solution. GNS won't play around. Effective prepackaged network security solutions don't exist. Standards-based network security and data management depend on people, processes and technology. Gateways and firewalls are just the start of network security. These days it's essential to create fine-grained security domain isolation; to control who and what connects where and when. Use access control lists, routers, firewalls, proxies and IPSec to keep the criminals away from your data and network resources.

GNS has the expertise to help you secure your organization from emerging threats. We're Websense and McAfee partners but we know that real network security and data management relies on GNS adding value to our partner's solutions. We can help you understand network attacks, data security risks and Web-service protocols and show you how controlling your organization's people and processes can enhance any technology investment.