Power Monitoring System

PMS is a valuable asset to any type of energy consumer, including Industrial, Commercial, Governmental, Educational, Medical, and Residential.

Capitalizing on the strategic relationship between GNS & Eaton, GNS offers a complete power monitoring and control solution in Saudi Arabia and the GCC Countries that includes state-of-the-art PMS system, advanced training, and local Saudi-based maintenance program that is powerful and cost-effective. The savings gained from deploying such a good power monitoring solution will definitely pay off for its deployment investment.

Power monitoring, control, and management capabilities deliver confidence that power systems are operating as they should. The properly designed PMS system ensures that personnel are immediately notified of alerts or abnormal conditions, and that the Operator is often able to predict and prevent problems before they occur. With the wealth of information collected and computed, the Operator can optimize network resources and save on energy costs.

The Eaton Power Monitoring System (PMS) is a suite of advanced hardware and software systems that consist of monitoring devices (Meters, Trip Unit, Relay, Sensor etc.), Gateways (protocol translators), communication networks, and intelligent multi-layered software that run on standard open-platform servers with user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

Supported Functions and Data Types 
The Power Monitoring System (PMS) monitors a wide range of parameters including Basic Power system status, Voltage and power, Peak loads, Power quality metrics, Events, Power usage, Load profiling, Environmental conditions, Basic relay device status, and Security conditions.