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Powerful, simple and flexible Human Resource Management software

Sage X3 People previously known as Sage HR Management (HRM) supports mid - and enterprise-size companies in achieving more efficiency and control over the cost of their workforce with a powerful, simple and flexible human resource management solution. Accessible online and on mobile devices, Sage HR Management, together with Sage X3, gives your organization more accurate and exhaustive data over your different business units and locations.

Sage X3 People previously known as Sage HR Management (HRM) is the cost-effective integrated payroll solution of choice for Sage X3 customers, but can also be deployed as a flexible, standalone Core HR management system with self-service capabilities for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, services and healthcare industries.

Key Features

  • Accessible online and from mobile devices
  • Integrates with Sage X3
  • Perfectly suited for a mobile workforce with access anytime, anywhere
  • Self-service HR services ensures higher employee retention

Personnel Administration

Sage HR management software provides a functional structure that can be adapted to multiple entities as well as decentralized organizations:

  • All employee histories and records saved in full details.
  • Review of pre-onboarding files and data Can generate contracts and legal documents required
  • The software can easily manage concurrent contracts as well as multiple occupations
  • The software can also keep a track of and provide alerts for health check-ups, work permits, and regulatory authorizations


  • Prepares the payrolls, statutory declarations, as well as annual reports
  • Management of accounting and payment Deals with the regularizations and back-pays
  • The software is in complete adherence with the training, tracking of expenses, and the management of activities and time

Total payroll and budget forecasting

  • The software can assist the users in budget planning, defining portfolios, and segmentation of companies, subsidiaries and branches Definition, comparison, revision, and reforecasting of different scenarios
  • Defines detailed and global assumptions Analyzes variance, operational indicators as well as KPIs

Time and activity management

  • Forecasts and tracks work-hours and costs Monitors employee attendance, like leaves, illness, and accidents.
  • Helps manage shifts and cycles, work-hours, absenteeism totals, leave entitlement calculation, bonuses, and valuation
  • Generation of predictive calendars or reports on attendance-history

Skills and competencies management

  • Tracking and mapping of the skills and competencies among employees
  • Analysis of strengths and improvements, segmented by company, subsidiary and branch Definitions of job, role and mission, with the skills requirements and the compensation package
  • Management of performance records, including assessment of skills, training programs, and planning skill transfers

Training management

Training budgets:

  • Budget wizard to help in the definition of training plans and budget
  • Tracking and keeping record of training needs and requests Calculation of gross costs for training and budget control Training programs:
  • Tracking of actions in training, the training path, and the organisation Training catalogue that is accessible within a self-service portal

Appraisals and interviews

  • Appraisal for achievements and goals
  • Tools for proper assessment of performances
  • Collection of skills reviews and training requests
  • Framework through the self-service portal for interactive dialogues

Profit sharing

  • Employees are involved and rewarded for the performance and the successes of the company
  • Calculation of the incentives and profit-sharing between employees Publishing automated letters to all rewarded employees

Expenses management

  • Life-cycle management of all expenses
  • Online refund procedures and forms
  • Promotion, checking, and control of the travel expenses policies
  • Full process of the payment, approval workflow, and accounting

Analytics, reporting, dashboards

  • Decision making tools with the ability to query from any level are built-in
  • User-friendly dashboards with standard KPIs that cover compensations, leave, attendance, contracts, and workforce.
  • A library that contains all pre-defined reports that centralize the data and deliver it on demand
  • Business intelligence options like SAP BusinessObjects help expand core analytics capabilities
  • An extensive library contains all the business-oriented statistical reports, SQL query builder as well as the Sage graphical query builder

Employee Arrival and Multi-Contract

  • Employee arrival processing
  • Contracts design and generation
  • Employees multiple contracts

Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service

  • Interactive area
  • Request, query, plan and update
  • Managers Approvals and requests
  • Viewing Salary slips
  • Expenses sheets uploading and approval

GNS has been working in partnership with organizations to deliver tangible business benefits and achieve measurable results on Sage X3’s core ERP product functionality.

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