GNS in deal for Sage X3 at Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center

Published on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wa’ed, the entrepreneurship arm of Saudi Aramco, was established to ignite the entrepreneurial landscape and develop local enterprises in Saudi Arabia. Wa’ed offers funding, incubation, coaching, workshops, and other resources and expertise for entrepreneurs and business owners in Saudi Arabia.

As Wa'ed’s popularity and reach has increased in the recent past, so has its business requirements, of which a new business management software was one of them to help streamline processes. The benefit of a business management software such as Sage X3 would be to reduce redundancy and inefficiencies across the business functions at Wa’ed, leading to a more comprehensive overview of the business.

In consultation with Wa’ed on the best possible Sage solution to meet current and future requirements, it was agreed the full Sage X3 suite including Sage X3 Finance, Sage X3 People and Sage X3 Distribution, would be implemented at Wa’ed by implementation partners GulfNet Solutions and Providian.

"To efficiently tackle our increasing clientele and staff we knew we had to invest in a state-of-the-art business management solution. After consulting with Josor and receiving briefings on the applicable Sage solutions, we knew that we had a quality product that would meet our current needs and can be scaled according to future requirements.

We are excited to use the best Business Management Solution available on the cloud in the market and look forward to a coherent and easy to use system," commented Sami Al-Khursani, Wa’ed's Managing Director.

“Providing the industry best to meet Wa'ed's requirements has been a great opportunity to display the quality, efficiency and thoroughness of Sage solutions. We are confident that the Sage X3 platform that Wa’ed has chosen will address the current issues the organization was facing and be capable of handling organizational growth,” remarked Abdulmohsen Albadr, Founder & CEO, Josor, Sage’s exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia.

“At Sage, we are proud to support and serve Small & Medium Businesses (S&MBs) as business builders that fuel the world's economy. We firmly believe that the SMB sector is the future for economic growth around the world. We salute the Saudi government for recognizing this fact and we are proud to support the plans for the sector’s development in the Kingdom's economic policy, Vision 2030.

We are truly glad to be a part of the impetus to drive change and economic development in Saudi Arabia through Saudi Aramco’s entrepreneurship arm, Wa’ed. It is an honor to be part of this project,” said Keith Fenner, Vice President Sage Enterprise Africa and Middle East.

The signing of the contract between Sage and Wa’ed was held at Sunset Beach Resort, Marina & Spa on 14 December 2016. The event was attended by special guests Keith Fenner, VP, Sage Enterprise Africa and Middle East, Sami Al-Khursani, MD of Wa'ed and Ahmed Al Quraishi, Finance Director, Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brothers, parent company of GulfNet Solutions.

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